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Important Notice:
This website application has been replaced by a new Flex Supplier Portal. The new portal will provide an enhanced user experience to our Atlas warehouse suppliers.
This website will shut down on the 28 February 2017.
Follow these steps to access the new Supplier Portal.
  1. Click here to email with your existing username and the primary email address to be used with your account. If the username is shared among multiple users in your organization please choose one primary email address before contacting Flex.
  2. Flex IT support will setup your username on the new portal.
  3. You will then receive an email from Flex with a link to the new portal inviting you to setup a new portal password.
  4. You will then be able to login into the new portal and start using it.

Note that you will be still be able to use this website (using your current password) until the website is closed. Please note that the new portal has the facility to allow a user to reset a password without having to contact Flex. If you have any problems please email